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To consolidate efforts to meet the requirements of the Quebec Policy on Residual Material,  the 20 municipalities making up the Laurentian MRC handed over the management of household waste and recyclable material to the MRC on July 1, 2007.

You can visit the MRC website (www.traindeviedurable.com) for more information on their Management Plan of Residual Material, for the collection of organic materials about household waste and recyclables, description of material accepted (or not) and other information.

Important things to remember

  • Organic materials: Every week
  • Household waste: Every second week
  • Recyclable material: Every second week.
  • Large & cumbersome items: 2 times per year, in May and September.
  • *Consult the Garbage collection calendar

  • Loose waste and bags outside the bins will not be collected.
  • Place recyclables (and only these) in the 360 l. GREEN bins.  If the quantity exceeds bin's capacity, insert recyclable matters in an easy to handle recyclable box and place it next to your bin.  Bins containing non-recyclable matters will not be emptied.
  • The bins must be taken to the road no earlier than the evening before collection day. Align bins with the wheels facing the road.
  • The bins must be taken off the road no later than the evening of collection day.
  • During winter season, bins must be clear of snow, ice and easily accessible.
  • Electric battery recycling: at the Town Hall in a container provided for that purpose.

Consult the checklist
of the materials accepted (PDF Format)
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