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The municipal inspector is responsible for issuing permits and certificates and sees to the application of urbanism regulations and municipal bylaws.

Request for a permit or certificate

A request for a permit or an authorization certificate must be made to the municipal inspector in the following situations :

  • Cadastral transaction (including lot division).
  • New construction.
  • Renovation, extension.
  • Construction or renovation of an accessory structure (shed, garage, gallery, verandah, fence).
  • Demolition.
  • Installation of a pool or spa
  • Installation of a septic system.
  • Creating surface or artesian wells.
  • Cutting trees.
  • Posting signs.
  • Exterior landscaping (including re-vegetation of the shoreline)
  • Installation or renovation of a dock or raft.
  • Installation or modification of an alarm system.
  • Renovation of a boathouse (construction forbidden).
  • Garage sales.

The rate varies according to the type of permit or certificate. Their delivery can take up to 60 days from the time when all of the required documents are given to the inspector.

Municipal Bylaws

Here is a list of the main municipal bylaws :

Urbanism Consultation Committee (UCC)

This committee, composed of one council member, the municipal inspector and four citizens, sits primarily when there is a request for a minor derogation in order to make a recommendation to the municipal council.

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